Convenient cousins.

I went down to Linda’s office after class to give her a book we need copied for the Senior 2s.

“I went to Wuhou Temple today,” said Linda who has been showing our visiting Americans around.
I’ve been there, I replied.
“Did you pay to get in?”
Well, yes.
“I didn’t pay anything.”
What? Nothing?
“No, I have a cousin who works there.”
Some of us have to pay ¥60 to get into Wuhou Temple.

We talked a little further about how Liu Bei, whose tomb is in the Wuhou Temple grounds, is also a famous literary figure. I mentioned that one of the mouse mats I bought from RT Mart in Changzhou has a picture from Du Fu’s Cottage on it, although the centrepiece of that picture is Prince Guo’s stele. At the time I bought the mouse mat, I had no idea who Du Fu was nor where his cottage was to be found. That led to Xue Tao (薛涛) and a little confusion over her name. Hoping to make sure that we were talking about the same person, I explained that her aka was Hong Du (洪度), which Linda had either forgotten or didn’t know.

I have to admit that I’d forgotten which “hong” she was, and thought she was the other one (红).


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