Rear of the Year

You won’t find it here.

[19.08.14. I deleted the first couple of paragraphs of this entry because they were pointless, but the title remains as a memorial to what has gone.]

So, if you’ve washed up on my little island in Cyberia, you might find a bunch of old arse here, but it won’t include Siân’s.

It’s also sunny again here in Chengdu. Unfortunately, my two classes after lunch cut right through the middle of the afternoon, which makes any adventuring a little awkward. Also, I have this blasted and pointless term plan hanging over me.

It’s beyond me why Central Command wants these things in such detail. As Old China Hands know, terms here seldom operate as flawlessly as the plan itself supposes. You know about the various holidays, but there will also be those days when something is sprung on you and the whole plan flies out the window like a deranged gerbil on a hang glider. The best term plan is the one which tells me, roughly, what week I’ll be teaching which unit. I don’t need to know the detail. I can worry about that when I get there.


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