It was a nice day, so…

I rode into a scooter.

I headed back to school before the end of lunch so that I could look through the lesson I was giving this afternoon. Normally when I go along the cycle lane I’m quite attentive because I’m heading into the on-coming cyclists and scooters (this is China, so such behaviour isn’t unusual). Any­way, the lane was clear and I happened to glance to my right, brief­ly, only to find some girl on a scooter riding towards me and insufficient time to brake or swerve before we collided. The tip of the third finger on might right hand got a little squished and the rim of the front wheel got dented enough for the whole wheel to need replacing. The scooter took no dam­age whatsoever as far as I could tell.

It took the people at one of the local bike repair places about an hour to replace the front wheel because they removed the spokes and hub from the old one and switched them to a new rim. Of course, other people turned up needing to have things seen to. At one stage, I was surrounded by kids from the primary school who could see I had my little dictionary with me. One boy decided that I could speak fluent Chinese or seemed to think that I could become fluent by speaking forcefully to me. They went away and then came back briefly because they’d bought a bunch of those collectable cards (yet another variation on Magic: The Gathering). They wanted to know what the characters on the card meant in English. It said, as I found eventually, “Master of Crystal Divination”. For some reason, I became the inheritor of the card. Don’t know the source exactly, but it uses traditional characters.

Meanwhile, the geniuses of Class 6 decided that they knew exactly what they were doing this afternoon without me telling them. It was meant to be a listening class, but I think a not-listening class might’ve been more accurate. It also meant that the likelihood they might’ve been talking about the handout was so slight that it’d make an anorexic hair look fat in comparison.


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