Dead or just resting?

grasshopper When I went back to school at lunchtime, I noticed a large grasshopper (a locust?) sitting on the frame of the door opposite the lifts. When I came back from tea just before, I thought I’d see whether it was still there. It was, in exactly the same pose as when I first saw it. I don’t know whether it’s dead, hibernating or quite what. Nor can I say how long it’s been there, although I’m pretty certain that it can’t have been there that long because I’m sure I would’ve noticed it before now.

I have no idea how it might’ve got there unless it flew up the stairs. It can’t have taken the lift, and unless it flew through one of the rooms in the building, it’d be hard to get in that way, although I can only speak for the floor I’m on.

I hasten to add that a couple of things I don’t like about Live Writer are that the “Category” bar is at the bottom of the page and always inert, and that I’m not prompted for a category when I don’t give one for a post.

[20.9.07 The grasshopper had disappeared this morning, although I don’t know whether it left of its own accord or was removed. And the little issue with Live Writer has been ironed out thanks to the comment left by one of the developers. I’ve posted several entries without remembering a category for them.]


2 thoughts on “Grasshopper”

  1. Hi,
    I work on the Writer team and just wanted to let you know that there is an option in Tools > Options in the ‘Publishing’ section to have Writer remind you to include a category if you haven’t set one when you publish.
    Thanks for including your thoughts about Writer- we really appreciate reading them!

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