There goes another record

Of a sort.

I’ve been in Chengdu about six weeks in total. In that time, I’ve probably seen more women smoking in public than I have in all of the past five years in China. Last night it was at the barbecue place, where some woman lit up at least twice while I was there. I noted, though, that between attempts to give herself lung cancer, she kept the cigarette below the level of the table. It would seem that it’s all right to smoke it, but not to wave it around in public.

The only place where I’ve seen more women smoking in this country is Hong Kong, where it seem to be obligatory if you’re a twentysomething. In fact, it’s as if you don’t dare go out in public without smoking. “Ooh! Look at that! A girl who isn’t smoking!” These bright young things with their modern habits…

I note that in recent weeks I seem to have been getting quite a lot of hits for “green bamboo”, the material rather than the blog. I know I’ve had hits in the past for this, but I’ve had a spate of them recently. I assume that most are people searching for sources of bamboo as a building material, and that others are looking for sources of the plant itself. I’ve even had – and not for the first time – a hit for “green bamboo cartoon”. Someone searching for I don’t understand? I doubt it.


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