Insense [sic!] of directions

When 西南 is in the east.

I asked the kids in Class 6 where the 西南书店 is. It turns out that it’s east of Tianfu Square, and I’ve been past it a few times. Unlike the massive book market on 梨华街, the sign outside the shop lacks prominence. In fact it’s rather small and rather faded. Also, they insist on using 書, which I recognise, but it takes me a couple of moments to convert to the simplified character in my mind.

The shop has a wide selection of art books, but not the one I’m after – again. I did buy a couple of calligraphy books, but found when I got home that 隶 is the simplified form of the character, and I need to be looking for 隷 and 隸. I was wondering where all the 隶书 calligraphy books had got to.

I really ought to try my hand at calligraphy using a brush. One of the girls in the IELTS class in Fuzhou gave me a brush, ink stone and some ink, but I feel disinclined to mess around and probably make a complete mess of the whole thing. Perhaps I should buy a box of paints and dabble without destroying a perfectly good calligraphy brush.

The school took us out last night to a local restaurant for the welcome dinner. We’ve also got the Teacher Appreciation Day dinner on Monday. No classes on Monday afternoon, either. Instead, there will be a concert at which we’re going to give a short performance. It’ll baffle the locals, but that’s kind of the idea.

In fact, I don’t have any teaching this afternoon either because Glen, Row and I are being dragged off to the police station to help police with their inquiries in connection with our foreign resident’s permits. I don’t know why exactly, and I’m trying to recall whether we did the same in Fuzhou.


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