Either hot and sunny or warm and wet.

I did say that I might drop by from time to time. I arrived in Zhuhai proper, after a furious taxi ride from the airport, at about midnight. I ended up in a posh room on the 11th floor, but got some good pictures of this part of the city. Good pictures will be supplied in due course. I signed in to the course on Sunday morning and went over to the flat, which I’m sharing with Michael who teaches for Gateway Language Village, and Ken who’s another of the course members and, like me, has been in China awhile. He’s been out in Xinjiang for the past three years.

Zhuhai is amazingly clear. Unless the clouds gather and it starts to rain. Then it’s amazingly wet. But it clears up to rain at lunchtime before it clears up for the afternoon. It’s much warmer and steamier here than it is in Chengdu, although the clear sky helps. Yes, I mean it. No visible layer of pollution. [25.08.13. I believe the Party Boys use the place as a holiday resort. I wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if things were arranged so that they are spared the choking filth which is killing everyone else off across the Empire.]

So far I’ve been too busy with the course to see anything of Zhuhai apart from the local area, but there’s going to be a tour on Saturday.

More in due course.


3 thoughts on “Zhuhai”

  1. Zhuhai is obviously not an industrial area. it is good to see that it has clear sky and you can breathe in the cleaner air. We look forward to seeing the photos of yet another part of China.  Glad to hear that the course is keeping you busy as well. I hope the food is good as well. 

  2.  Ach..sooo! You haf ze Internet conneczion in ze flash room mein hairy? Perhaps the regular showers "wash" the atmosphere and prevent it from filling up with the horrid gunk you have experienced elsewhere. Hope you get lots out of the course. When discussing things:
    Do say if asked to comment on the children (showing all your canines in a Coalgate smile): Some of my students are intellectually challenged by English and I’m here to learn techniques to motivate them and develop their deeper understanding and usage of our wonderful language.
    Do say of stuff you already know(ditto): It’s great to get confirmation that what I’m doing is right and it’s very useful reinforcement of what I’m doing.
    Do say of boring, sonorous contributors like Paul Hay (ditto): I really appreciate all the many points that Eustace from Shagnri-la has made in his….ahhhh…..contribution, and I ….ahhhh….will take them back to Chengdu for….ahhh…careful consideration (sotto voce: inserting it in the round file)!!!!!
    Speaking of technology our pioneering Alex Tait (Tait Electronics, Wairakei Rd) has died at 88. He really put Chistchurch on the world map with his great work in the field. In home electronics HP are replacing the faulty new scanner. The new one should arrive tomorrow or Friday.
    BTW can we email you in the usual manner?

  3. Yes, my e-mail address still works, but I can’t get online with my usual frequency. I was too busy last night. I have to use the computers at the school. Still hot and sunny. Or very wet. Threatened typhoon didn’t manifest itself in the end.

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