The remains of the day

So much for primary education.

But before we get to that story, I went to the the Carrefour on 八宝街 (Bābǎo Jiē) in search of Vanilla Coke. It had as much as everywhere else, which is to say, none at all. Better stocked than the Carrefour in town, but no sign of what I wanted. The perverse thing is that in Fuzhou the supply of chocolate-flavoured coffee dried up and you could only get the regular stuff. Here, it’s almost exclusively the chocolate, although the machine down at the gate to the flats has regular.



This is all that now remains of the primary school building next door. The building at the front remains, and it appears that they’re adding at least one storey to it. Well, it’s either that, or a practical welding class.


Open air offices, perhaps?


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