G is for gore

That’s goo-y and red.

A picture of a gory road safety poster in Chengdu, 2007No adventure today, but I did have to go out on business this after­noon. During the course of my search for a branch of the ICBC, I ran across that road safety cam­paign again. It’s not aimed at mot­orists, but rather at cyclists and people who ride those electric bikes. I got pictures this time. Al­though the quality isn’t very good (be glad I took them on my mob­ile), the images are pretty horrific nonetheless. Definitely not re­com­mended for the faint-hearted. You’ve been warned.

A picture of a gory road safety poster, Chengdu, 2007.Actually, I see that those electric scooters which the kids in Fuzhou liked to ride and which are popular here as well are only about ¥2600 a piece. Although they can go faster than I can on the bike I’ve got, I can easily out-accelerate them from a standing start.

[18.08.14. Chengdu was and remains especially bad for maniacs on electric scooters. In spite of this, they still stop at major intersections along roads such as 人民南路. In Wuxi, on the other hand, I have watched large numbers of these clowns do all sorts of things to cross inter­sections when the lights are against them, including what is, in effect, a clockwise cir­cuit of the intersection itself just so that they can go straight ahead.]

Road safety poster, Chengdu, 2007


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