There will be a Saturday address


I was expecting not to be back on line much before some time next week when I’d be informed that the ubiquitous worker would be coming to sort out my computer some time between 6am and 6pm. He would, of course, arrive at 7.30pm instead.

The phone was also live, but fortunately, like Internet access, the school has taken care of that, too. None of the ridiculous business in Fuzhou about ¥3 not having been paid off by people who were not there to pay it.

So, where are they now? Glen and Row are still in Fuzhou to the end of the week. Todd’s been written out of the story, but still remains there. Jane is also being written out of the story. She’s off to Japan, but her departure was delayed because she couldn’t get a flight as soon as she would’ve liked.

Thus Fuzhou fades into history. Rather a wasted year to be honest and this final week was merely the icing on the cack [sic!]. It’s typical of the schools to treat the foreign teachers badly as their time comes to an end. We had to make the school help us with the medical on Wednesday. However, this is the first school I’ve been at where we had neither a welcome lunch/dinner (that was lumped in with Teacher Appreciation Day) or a farewell lunch/dinner (no lumping at all). I’m not too bothered about the latter which would’ve been marred by fake bonhomie. The school never had any particular interest in us except as a means of making money off the parents of total cretins.

The school in Chengdu, from what I’ve been told, seems more committed to the programme as an academic exercise than a mere money-making venture. That said, the pupils still appear to be a bit of a mixture. Ap­par­ently, I’ve landed Senior 3 for the 1st term. Won’t be much teaching, but they might be a bunch of little pains, although that’s what I’ve come to ex­pect from that level.

The accommodation is generally good. (18.08.14. Well, it was more modern than my flat in Fuzhou.) Pity about the view. The shower is a bit of a pain to use, and I wasn’t pleased to see one of those huge cockroach-like insects climbing up the wall while I was having a shower. There’s a lack of decent storage space. I live in a world of chests-of-drawers, and I need a couple of bookcases and a cabinet for the DVDs. The bedroom needs some decent curtains as well, and curtains that cover the window adequately. A couple of decent-sized rubbish baskets would be useful. (Sorry about the ex­ces­sive use of “decent”.)

Well, I’m off to do some exploring (which is really a euphemism for seeing whether I can find my way back to Carrefour).

Weird Chengdu – Report No. 1
(Mr Bamboo, having successfully made his way to Carrefour and back, notes a local oddity.)

I turn right into 文庙前街 and immediately notice several shops selling police uniforms and equipment from two-way radios to the entire light set that’s mounted on top of police cars. There are quite a few shops like that locally, including one quite big one. Who, exactly, would be buying this stuff? Would they sell me a police uniform or a flashing light or two? Perhaps the local plod is nicknamed the Keystone Cops because they’re always losing the lights off their cars or getting their uniforms torn to shreds, and the Chief Super is forever having to send them out to buy new gear.

Have a good success.

My trip to Carrefour revealed a couple of solutions to my storage problems for DVDs and books. They have some fairly solid bookcases, and there are some small drawer units which would be ideal for the DVDs.


One thought on “There will be a Saturday address”

  1. There’s several such shops on Zhengyi Lu here in Beijing. From what I understand, you’d be allowed to buy harmless little things, but nothing that would allow you to impersonate a policeman. You’d need an official letter from your police station, no doubt in triplicate, backed up with your Hukou, ID card, and your right ear, all of them notarised and stamped, to get any of the cool stuff.

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