Row, row, row your boat

Round and round the stream…

I could hear the drums and fireworks again this morning and went upstairs to see what I could see on the river. There was a single dragon boat which seemed to be being rowed around in circles. I thought there might be races, but this was a single vessel. It appears that everything is centred on the temple on the other side of the river which, in  straight line, isn’t all that far away, but I’d have to go via Jiefang Bridge to get there. Actually, I’m cur­ious to know whose temple it is. I think it’s a fairly new one, too, because I don’t recall it being here when I first came to Fuzhou. Mind you, it might’ve been under green gauze until recently.

I managed to get copies of Tuesday’s and Thursday’s SCMP last night. The former had the story about the Skyrail accident. It also had a brief story about a 39-year-old teacher in Chongqing who seems to have died from apoplexy when she was scolding her pupils for playing cards in class. Prob­ably the woman was at the end of her tether with this particular class. I see from Thursday’s paper that drivers in Beijing are going to be fined if they don’t move their cars out of the way after accidents. The expressway be­tween Tongzhou and Beijing could get very badly clogged when there were accidents because they usually constricted the traffic to one lane and Chinese drivers, having no common sense, would jockey for position where we’d interweave with each other. I assumed that the cars were left in situ either because the police demanded it, or it was an insurance thing. Meanwhile, a single peach reached ¥138K at an auction in Guangdong. The money was for a good cause, but this is a good instance of con­spic­uous consumption.

The recent bad weather has resulted in floods here in southern China. The river level remains high and seems to be not so much mud suspended in water as water suspended in mud.


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