Misreading the entrails

I should’ve stuck with tea leafs.

I got into the General English Class this morning to find the room empty. Then one of the boys from Class 13 told me that the girls were out at the gate, and I looked out the window just in time to see them running off. While I was waiting for Tracy to get off the phone, Terry, who was in the IELTS class last term, arrived with a friend who, together with Chris (the only boy in the class), ended up being the class. Tracy had obviously seen the girls and had phoned them wanting to know what they were up to. They said that they’d come to class tomorrow, although two turned up at the end of the class, and they were then Row’s class. I told Tracy that if that’s the way things were going to be, then the GE class may as well be cancelled. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Actually, what’s the point of these classes anyway?

I’ll see what happens tomorrow, but it may be time to let Hollywood take the strain. Huh. I was predicting that’d happen on Thursday.

The kids from English Corner took me to lunch today, which was very nice of them. We had English Corner in the restaurant instead of the usual place. I had to explain to Henry that you don’t eat a bread roll with a fork nor hold it claw-hand style. As he explained, the rolls were rather oily.

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