Return of the Red Mansions

Back on the hit parade.

Ta (or, Tuo) House signThis was a sign which caused me much bother back in 2007 because I didn’t bother reading the second character properly. It simply says the Ta (or, Tuo) House. The left-hand character is the trad­it­ional version of  庐 (lú) “hut, hovel”.

[10.08.14. Edited post. Got rid of a superfluous reference to A Dream of Red Mansions; added picture and tags.]

4 thoughts on “Return of the Red Mansions”

  1. Beats me. Are you sure it’s Putonghua? Could be a local dialect character- such things exist. Another possibility is that it’s one of the super-simplified characters from the second or third round of simplification which were abandoned for being too simple, but I don’t think so, doesn’t look like any of those that I’ve seen.

  2. In suspect you’re right about it being local. I doubt whether it’s simplified because characters carved on the lintel above gates here retain their traditional forms.

  3. Might do. The character, if it really is 拓 tuo, only bears a superficial resemblance to it. It’s lishu in style, but they’ve taken liberties with the character. It might be because the gate is on Machang Lu 马厂路 and they’ve somehow tried to incorporate chang into the name. Who knows? The character is not well written.

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