The Roaring Boy [sic!]

More incessant yowling.

That bloody child is yowling again. I mentioned this particular imp a few posts back. We’re not talking about a baby or toddler. We’re talking about a child who has to be about four years old. I don’t know why he’s wailing, but he keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. From what I can tell, granddad seems to think it’s all a bit of a joke, and apparently doesn’t think that comforting the child or mollifying it might be a good idea (because the rest of us would get some peace and quiet). But to indulge this brat in such a fashion is merely to encourage it to continue. Since the kid is probably just seeking attention, why can’t it just ring a small bell like any normal little emperor?

While we’re talking about small children, I’ve learnt that the people at XXKX have a four-year-old daughter. This child suddenly appeared after the Spring Festival with some woman who, as it now turns out, was grandma (the actual mother looks like she shouldn’t be old enough to have a daughter this age). When Mr XXKX told me a few months back that they didn’t have children, he must’ve been saying that they didn’t have their daughter with them. He got her to give me the menu the other night, but she’s as shy as a Chinese cat. She already has a boyfriend, too – Waif Boy from the motorbike repair place. There was much distress when he was forcibly separated from his girlfriend when I was in XXKX one evening a couple of weeks ago.

(To understand the reference in the title of the post, click here.)

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