At the movies

Deja Vu.

Denzel Washington is trying to solve the case of a terrorist attack on a ferry. He bumps into some people who have a machine that allows them to look back in time and solve the case. But Denz has the hots for the dead babe and get them to send him back in time so that he can rescue her and save the day.

It’s yet another Timecop film of no particular merit. Pass it by as it’s lying in the bargain bin.

Casino Royale.

Finally, a copy that wasn’t in Russian. Bond’s back, kind of with a new lease of life. It’s still the death-defying stunts, but there’s definitely an edge that older Bond films never had, or lost. I note, with no particular regret, that the naked gymnastics which were part of the opening sequence have finally been ditched.

Although the film is set in the present, it’s treated as if it’s Bond’s first time out which adds to the sense of a fresh start to the franchise.

The disc, which, to my surprise, refuses to run on my main DVD player (admittedly aging; time to buy number four?), has a trailer from Spiderman 3 which might be worth seeing after all.

[20.08.13. We’ve now got as far as Skyfall, and what seemed fresh back in 2007 has now led to two more films which feel as if they’re repeating a formula, viz. that Bond doesn’t know whether he’s being a 21st century agent or one of the age in which Ian Fleming originally set him.]

Be seeing you…

Well, that’s it from me until the 7th. Until then, you can reminisce about your favourite episodes of Green Bamboo, such as the time I wrote the stuff about the thing, or the other time when I wrote the thing about the stuff. Ah happy, mem­orable days.


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