Go straight to DVD

Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.

The name of the film I mentioned is Succubus: Hell-Bent. It’s straight-to-DVD fare, which means that it’s another of those which you shouldn’t buy, shouldn’t steal, and shouldn’t hire. If some demented relative gives it to you, say you’re very excited about it, but want to save the film for a special occasion. In fact, this is the sort of film that probably sent directly to the people who do the pirating because that way, there’s a chance it might have an audience. I watched it only because there are a bunch of cute girls in the film I wanted to protect everyone else from it.

What’s it about? Boy meets succubus; there are murders; she gets hers at the point of a sword. That’s more than you need to know, but I felt like sharing. Gary Busey was in it. If that’s not a recommendation, may I find myself living in China.



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