Oh cut it out.

You may have heard about the cuts to Babel so that it can be publicly released here in China. Of course, it’s a complete joke because you can get the film uncut on DVD. In fact, I saw it a couple of days before I first heard this news. Todd lent me his copy.

Frankly, too bloody long. Better than Chromophobia which was a film with a similar theme; that is, about how unrelated people and events can be connected together. Babel delayed making the connections explicit. The best of the three stories was the Japanese one and could’ve been extended to 90 minutes in its own right. The story about Cate Blanchett getting shot was tedious: the bullet was apparently magical since it was fired from above, but entered through the window on the opposite site of the bus from where Sure-shot Abdul was standing. I didn’t like Blanchett’s character who I had hoped was going to die, but I was disappointed. The Mexican wedding was a kind of comedy of errors.

Anyway, the uncut version of Babel is available from your local DVD retailer in China.


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