It’s a good idea, but…

Trying to find a portable PDF viewer.

I have a stack of documents in PDF format that I’ve either downloaded or created myself. It would be nice to have some means of reading them without being dependent on my laptop or wasting the toner in my laser printer to print them out. My research online revealed that there are very, very few hand-held devices I can use for this purpose. I went to the Adobe website, which has versions of the Acrobat Reader for hand-held devices, but there are only something like four of them. I’d either have to buy a Nokia cellphone or some Palm OS device. Another website also pointed to the Palm OS, noting that most e-book readers work with proprietary formats.

Nonetheless, here in the People’s Republic of Blatant Circumvention of EULAs and IPRs, I can’t help but suspect that it may be possible to get what I’m after. If DVD players play anything without regard to region, then I’m sure there are readers that don’t care whether it’s a PDF or Word or WP document. I know some people. They want to practise their English. Perhaps they can help in the search.

[28.07.14. Seven years later, my Nokia 920 has both Adobe Reader and some MS pdf-reading app, although if documents lack re-flow (which they certainly do when they’re scanned, occasionally searchable, images), they remain difficult to read fluently.]

After two warm days (I’m told 29° yesterday), we’re back to grey, gloomy and damp. The temperature has probably dropped by at least ten degrees. While I’m talking about the weather, there are no pictures of Siân Lloyd naked here, as some searcher via Google UK discovered yesterday. But perhaps Siân might be able to give me an accurate forecast for the weather here which continues in reality at odds with Google’s inventive forecasts.


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