Are you looking at my bird?

fz168I’ve never managed this before.
When I went to buy something for lunch, I took the camera with me because I wanted to see whether I could do something about im­proving the contrast. The answer to that little question at the moment is, er, no. I got back to the flats and decided to take a couple of shots north across the river to compare different settings. I could hear some bird chirruping away and spotted it flitting along the fence railings which are about 5m away from me. It sat still just long enough for me to zoom in and get a picture of it. With the old camera, I would’ve expected the shot to be blurred, but you can see the amazing image I got below. It’s merely cropped from the larger one, not resized.
I’ve never seen this particular species before, but I’d say from all the noise it was making, it was after some hot lovin’.
Meanwhile, I was passing the ten don’ts sign last night and noticed that part of one of the injunctions – the ninth about not smoking at public venues, I think – had been gouged out by some vandal.

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