Out of the picture

And in.

I’ve deleted the pictures of Hong Kong and uploaded a few new images from the pictures I took today using the new camera. Someone was looking for Sanxian Zhou Bridge; now there are pictures. [12.06.14. I assume that I’m referring to pictures on OneDrive (which are probably still there).]

I see that I’m going to have to work out how to adjust things such as the contrast. I find that with auto exposure the camera doesn’t handle the contrast between light and dark areas very well. Where there’s enough light, it seems to even out the difference leaving a picture that looks somewhat washed out overall; but where there’s a greater contrast, the bright area is washed out even if to the naked eye, the contrast isn’t that great. The camera has a whole dial of modes to play with.

During the course of my wandering this afternoon, I must’ve run into three churches I hadn’t seen before, including one just across the other side of the intersection from the Yonghui Supermarket. Actually, come to think of it, I had seen the last of these before very early on after I arrived in Fuzhou, but I’d forgotten it was there.

Hit parade.

Penelope CruzI was just looking at my stats and find that I’ve had another hit for “Sicilian grammar”; also there was one for “Siân Lloyd naked” again, although I never said anything about her being naked when I happened to mention the story about Lembit Opik, (form­er) Lib Dem man-about-town, who, after he left Siân Lloyd, took up with some skinny Romanian girl who’s nearly half his age. I don’t think the latter precipitated the former, though. Somehow “muscle bear” and Spain ended up together in the same search. I think the searcher was probably looking for Penelope Cruz, but you know how hard it is to spell foreign names correctly.

27.02.07 I checked my stats just before, and flick me with a damp towel if there wasn’t another hit for “Siân Lloyd naked”. Do people out there have some sort of fetish for naked meteorologists in their late forties?

31.12.13 There, a more recent picture of Penelope Cruz.


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