The new camera

Enough was enough.

Since it was rather pleasant this afternoon, I thought I’d take a walk to Sanxian Bridge (三县洲大桥) and get some better pictures of it. Every­thing was going quite well until I tried to get a shot of the central pylon and the camera decided to have a tantrum. I went to Suning on Gutian Lu (古田路) and bought a Sony DSC H-5 and a 512Mb memory stick.

It looks like a cross between a digital instamatic and an SLR camera. It should be easier to keep steady than the P92 was, and the view screen is huge. The biggest nuisance I can see is all the buttons. Although there’s a thumb rest, I can imagine it’s probably quite easy to hit some button by accident.

The manual was in Chinese, but I managed to get it in English from the Sony website.

If it’s going to be fine tomorrow (apparently will be according to Google), I’ll try getting the pictures I didn’t get today.

[28.07.14. It was a decent camera while it lasted, but eventually there were power problems. I’d recharge the batteries only for them to be apparently drained of power in a very short space of time. I replaced this model with a DSC HX200, which is something like the great-great-grandson of the DSC H5. I hasten to add, though, that the camera on my Nokia 920 actually does a pretty decent job of taking photos. However, the bulkiness of the Sony camera makes it awkward to take places with me if I’m also tooled up with my laptop.]

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