I’m sure it’s just coincidence

Oh no! It’s happening again!

I was on Japundit [dead link removed] last night browsing through the posts about China and reading the depressing roll of stories about the Japanophobia that’s come out of the inGlorious Motherland over the past year and a half or so. Apart from one female pupil in Beijing who was rabidly anti-Japanese (and the object of her classmates’ amusement because of her sentiments), most of the kids that I’ve met in China are Japanophiles to differing degrees. I’ve got one kid who practises his Japanese in my classes (so at least he might actually be competent in one foreign language; just not the one I’m trying to teach him), and quite a few have been seduced by manga and anime. More than a few would like to be mangaka (cartoonists).

Perhaps I’ve been lucky in encounter of this sort, because this morning I dropped by Lost Laowai where Rick has posted After the Quake… He notes the toleration in China of extremely intolerant views about Japan and the Japanese. Such views shouldn’t have any place on Nanny’s much-tout­ed civilised Internet, but it’s Japan, so a special exception can be made.

Then there are exceptions to the exception. Japundit had a story [again, dead link removed] about Saaya Irie, a somewhat physically well-developed 11-year-old Japanese idol, whose picture was posted on a Chinese Internet forum. The com­ments were basically, “Who cares if she’s Japanese? I’ll have some of that.” In other words, all the Japanese would have to do is send in legions of cute girls, and all those Chinese boys who will never get married would be ut­terly powerless. Allow the children dual citizenship and it’d solve Japan’s population decline and, hopefully, do something to redress China’s gender imbalance and intolerance in the next generation.

So I’m reading about anti-Japanese sentiment in China on one site one day, and again about the same subject on another site the next.[1] There’s your coincidence. This sort of thing seems to be happening to me rather a lot these days.


1. If I remove “same” from the second clause, the resulting rhythm is iambic from again to next. (‘ precedes the stressed syllable.)

[a’gain] [a’bout] [the ‘sub][ject ‘on] [a’no][ther ‘site] [the ‘next]

It’s curious how the rhythm caught my inner ear and made the end of the sentence seem monotonous and, somehow, unintelligible because of its hypnotic nature[1].

Notes to the notes.

1. I made a huge boo-boo in this sentence. I’m not telling you what sort of boo-boo, but it was there long enough for people to see it. This is so embarrassing.


8 thoughts on “I’m sure it’s just coincidence”

  1. Hi,i don’t have a comment about this blog in particular….but about your whole space……..i sat captivated,your space is fabulous,your photos are just great and i’m glad you aren’t my teacher..(although i’m sure i spell Blah Blah Blah as Bleugh Bleugh Bleugh or could that be my pronounciation perhaps?! )hehehe…please,please,please add some more photos when you can,they really are super!
    Well…i’d best get off and practice flipping pancakes or something…..your missing nothing in the Uk today…only thick frost and blue tits… but it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning….if you get time,pop by for pancakes too  :-)
    Thank you for making your site public

  2. I’m pleased to hear that you found Green Bamboo so captivating. Thank you. I might add some new photos some time soon. I took a wander down an alleyway down to the river this afternoon and found some more stuff that might be photoworthy.
    We had a nice day here today. No frost (nor anything much resembling winter) or blue tits. No pancakes either. Sniff. I miss pancakes.

  3. Well this might be your luuuuucky day!….i saved you one…Golden syrup? sugar and lemon? or Maple syrup? it’s the best i have from my little kitchen in suburbia…no jam though I’m afraid….it makes my teeth feel furry hehehe
    You are very lucky that you have nice weather….alas its -5 degrees tonight, definitely a Horlicks kind of night. Brrr brrr…
    I would love to live in Asia ,one day i will maybe… your photographs make me smile..like a walk in Greenwich park :-)

  4. That all sounds so delicious. I’ll have one of each, please!
    -5°? Too cold for me these days. It’s meant to be 23° here today. Pleasant and sunny at the moment. Whatever happened to winter? Oh that’s right. It’s in northern China.

  5. ok ok john….rub it in why don’t you! Thats it,i’m gonna go and ‘Google’ where you are and stick a hoofing great cloud over the map…i’m not bitter hehehe…… i have a late start at school today…i think i’ll lounge about and flick through your journals….they make great reading ! (dictionary in hand of course)…..do you ever come back to the uk? Have you settled in Northern China? and why there in particular? i could bombard you with lots of other questions but i feel it rude and intrusive….i’ll save it for a week or two ! hehehe…i’m making wholemeal bread today….want some?nice fat doorwedge sarnie with cheese and pickle? hehehe
    Please don’t picture me wearing an apron,doing so…..i’m really not the type..
    Have a good day today  (or maybe you have already with being ahead of time) and think of me washing my car in the frost! :-)

  6. Did I mentioned it’s supposedly going to be 24° in the next day or two?
    Well, if you insist on tormenting me with pancakes, freshly baked wholemeal bread and sarnies, then I think I should mention how nice and warm the weather has been.
    I lived just outside Beijing for three years; half way between Nanjing and Shanghai last year; and now in southern China. I don’t return to the UK often enough, but home is where I live.

  7. For that…..i cannot hold back……tonight we have bangers and mash,with onion gravy and an assortment of vegetables and tomorrow it will be roast beef….Yorkshire pudding,mashed parsnips,swede roast potatoes and plenty of horseradish….i’m sorry…did i mention in the next few days i wont be able to move off the sofa? hehehe
    :-p   Hmm apple pie and custard or some kind of artery clogging pudding?
    make the most of my menus…at this rate i’ll be dead by the time i hit 35! hehehe

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