Is this weird?

Or is it just me?

Here’s a sentence from the IMDb entry for Sarah Michelle Gellar which seems a little odd. I don’t think it’s ungrammatical, but something seems not quite right about it.

Eating in a local restaurant, she was discovered by an agent when she was 4 years old.

The first clause feels like one of those infamous dangling participles, although it’s clearly dependent on “she”. Possibly, the use of the passive in the main clause is the source of my furrowed brow because I perhaps want to connect the participle with the grammatical agent. It may just be a matter of style because of the way in which the three pieces of information about SMG have been arranged. I think I would’ve written the sentence as

She was discovered by an agent when she was four years old while she was eating in a local restaurant.

I’d probably also replace “local” with “near her home”. I understand the intent of the word “local”, which is “near her home”, but the word lacks relevance to most readers since the restaurant is clearly a long way from most of the rest of the planet.

Homer says… “Doh!”

I found a link to a page with figures of speech from The Simpsons. It doesn’t appear to be blocked, but I’m unable to get onto it from this part of the world. Perhaps the dao of Homer is not appropriate. Mind you, Cyberia isn’t exactly being party fun for the whole family at the moment. Today has been marked by a lot of reloading and wheel spin.

While we’re talking about figures of speech, I find that there’s one called sprezzatura. Sprezzatura? That sounds so made up, unlike “laser”, “nylon” or “radar”.


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