Journal of Local Toponymy, Vol. I, No. 1

Another piece of the puzzle.

Much to my lack of surprise, the short section of street which runs south-west from Yiyuan has a different name again. That’s called 上三路 (Shàng Sān Lù), as I noticed when I was coming back from the Metro at lunchtime. I assume that 楼后街 is an old name for that part of the street which has subsequently renamed as 上三路 and 对湖街. The lamian shop on the corner is on 对湖街.

Oh, I gets more embarrassing than that. [Is this some sort of non sequitur? –ed.] Addresses around here are marked by blue plaques. Some are small blue plaques and some are quite big. The one outside the lamian shop is big and it’s been there ever since I arrived. I’ve been past it nearly every day I’ve been here, although it’s usually dark at the time and there’s this whole illumination issue.

In other geography news, I took a trip down 马厂路 (Mǎ Chǎng Lù) the other day. I’ve been down there before, but it was once, at night, and early on in my time here. Interesting little street. The walls are decorated in one section with pictures of socialist uplift. There’s a list of ten don’ts, which included something about red lights. When I checked the dictionary later, I found that the reference was to obstacles. Probably. I got to the section of 马厂路 which runs along the north side of the waste ground between it and the university. Part of one building was left. As I passed by, I looked inside and saw that there was a cross on the back wall. There was no sign from the outside that it was a church. In fact, it was a bit TARDIS-like. Seemed larger on the inside that it was from the outside.

[23.07.13. Edited for formatting; categorised; and tagged. I assume this was prob­ably from my time in Fuzhou. This is why topical posts belong on Facebook: 6½ years later, this means next to nothing to me.]

2 thoughts on “Journal of Local Toponymy, Vol. I, No. 1”

  1. What is a lamian shop?  It is interesting that you are still finding new things to explore.  It seems that you are becoming more and more proficient in writing and reading the Chinese characters.  Quite an achievement.

  2. Lamian is noodles. Japanese ramen. I’ve known all the characters in question for ages. I was missing the street signs.

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