Do stuff for free!

Do stuff you don’t pay for. It’s FREE!

So I’m over on Penny Arcade just now where Tycho’s talking about a game called Bookworm Adventures. Being a language nerd [How could we have missed that? –ed.], I thought I’d check out the link. So I get to the site and it says



Download Free!


Download the Deluxe game and play the FREE trial now!

Huh? So which is it? If I download this thing, do I get, say, a time-limited version of the full game? Or do I get the full game, but can only play a limited version of it forever, if I so desire?

I definitely don’t like the sound of this:

Our Deluxe games are ad-free and packed with lots of special effects and updated features.

For one thing, does this mean a bunch of adverts in the trial version saying

“Give your money away and get stuff in return – for FREE!”

For another, does the the trial version not include “lots of special effects and updated features”? How does it not? After all, if you’re downloading the complete game, and want to risk in-game adverts (“Danger, Will Robinson!”), surely you must be getting the whole deal.

Bookworm Adventures is probably quite an entertaining game, and the sort of thing that might be good to play with my classes as a fun way to learn some new vocab (although there’s a good chance it’s full of words like “marsupial” and “preternatural” which, as you can imagine, don’t get much mileage here), but whoever did the words on the page for it is an utter dick.


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