Weekends nearly have three days

If it wasn’t for the IELTS class.

I was in the office before class this morning when Tracy came in and asked me if Alan had told me about changes to the timetable. She started by babbling about Senior 3 and I wondered whether she meant the IELTS class because they’re the only Senior 3s I deal with. What she really meant to say was Senior 2. Anyway, the news was that the Friday Senior 2 classes were going to be cancelled from next week so that the kids could have an extra class for self study. I’m guessing that the results from last week’s exams were probably pretty dreadful.

Our morning classes take us to lunchtime. As I was walking through the gate to the admin building area, June happened to come riding up on her scooter. She asked me if I knew about the change to the timetable, and then said that it’d been decided to cancel Monday’s classes instead. Tracy appeared a few minutes later and confirmed it.

That means that I effectively have a three-day weekend. My Monday IELTS class isn’t until the last period. I think I can risk a hurrah! because we’re now half way through the term, probably making it a little too late to lumber me and Todd with something else in place of the cancelled classes. I doubt whether our three-day weekend will survive this term, though. Pity.

Pity? Yes, pity. Next term we may need three-day weekends. Next term one lucky person gets to teach IELTS to Senior 2 and the other lucky person gets to teach a class full of complete 傻瓜. Although it’d be preferable to teach the IELTS class, I’m not sure that that will be that great. (Sorry about the excessive use of “that”.) As for teaching the rest, that will be another term of total, soul-destroying misery.


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