See, I am normal

But that’s what the Chinese say.

We went to the Entry and Exit Section of the PSB yesterday to deal with our foreign residents permits. I was expecting to have to go to Hong Kong for a couple of days to get a new Z-visa for the Mainland, but it appears that here in Fujian Province that’s not necessary. (Watch this space perhaps.)

Just as we were leaving the building, June gave us our Foreign Expert Certificates and our Certificate of Health Examination. I’ve never had one of the latter before. I don’t know whether it’s new or simply something they do in this part of the country. The results of the health check are that I’m the poster boy for normal. Yes, that’s right – I’m normal. [That’s a different kind of normal. –ed.]

Oddly enough the booklet informs me that my external genital organs are normal, although as far as I recall, there was no sighting of these by anyone during the whole time I was having the medical check. Certainly no one tried to cop a feel.

I’ve also allegedly shrunk. According to the results, I’ve lost 3cm. I don’t think there’s been any… Not that sort of shrinking. I’m talking about my height. See, an innocent comment and all you perverts are all, er, innuendinous. Actually, I’ve just checked, and it appears to be true. I probably haven’t shrunk at all, but I’m puzzled about how I came to think I’m 3cm taller than I am.


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