Earth girls are easy

What a bunch of perverts.

There’s an entry over on ESWN (08.08.14. No guarantees the link works; I haven’t bothered with ESWN in a long time because it became moribund) about some foreign blogger who made some rude remarks about Chinese men and women, which, in turn, led to some Chinese blogger calling on Chinese netizens to hunt down the culprit and expel him from the Glorious Motherland.

Although I’m sure it’s not confined to middle-aged foreign men, the number of dirty old foreign men in this country seems disproportionate to the number of foreigners in general. Our programme seems to have had more than its fair share of these people who are a bad advertisement for foreign men in general.

It also doesn’t help when Chinese girls are willing to put up with these hentai. Old and unattractive – foreign, ergo rich. The scales tip to the right.

No more free-range DVDs?

A colleague of mine in Tianjin is suggesting that the ban on free-range DVDs may well be permanent there. As I said (in a recent entry), the shops in Changzhou were devoid of anything worth buying. I went to a local shop last night and although they had some recent stuff, the rest of the foreign films selection was pitiful. I must check out some of the other DVD shops locally and see what their situation is like. Although some foreign films are released in cinemas in China, many more have only been available on DVD, especially the ones which have been banned. It’s been the only way the Chinese have been able to see many Western films, and these things provide an invaluable source of entertainment for ex-pats.

I’m now regretting that I didn’t buy the first two DVDs of the second series of Dr Who while I was in Hong Kong in spite of the expense. In fact, I thought that the whole series might be available on the Mainland sooner or later, thus saving me a considerable sum of money.

Nanny does seem to have been thrashing around a lot on the media front recently. SARFT (State Administration for Radio, Film, and Television; rhymes perfectly with “daft” in my English), which is the body that regulates the media here, has been banning this, that, and the other from prime time TV. There have also been moves to terminate parodies of Chinese culture, famous figures etc. posted on line (these being done by the Chinese themselves). With a possibly permanent ban on pirated DVDs apparently sweeping the country, I’m wondering what Nanny is really up to. After all, isn’t DVD piracy just another means of ripping off foreigners and, therefore, patriotic?

[08.08.14. When I first came to Wuxi, we had a couple of decent DVD shops in town, but these eventually vanished. There are still small DVD shops around, but their offerings are generally pitiful. Too many third rate B-movies, and I get annoyed with Mr DVD trying to persuade me that they’re all excellent. I’ve been informed there’s a better shop somewhere out in the New District, which doesn’t exactly make it convenient.]

Female Demon in Water.

The film I bought last night was The Lady in the Water, a fairy tale with a modern setting. Paul Giamatti meets a water sprite who is trying to get home and must recruit the people living in his block of flats to help her because many of them have some special role to play along the way.

It was all right, but I think it might’ve been a film which was better seen at the cinema. Ron Howard’s daughter didn’t have to work too hard for her money, apart from getting a bit wet.

The sub-heading above is the Chinese title of the film.

[08.08.14. Fixed the cranky formatting.]


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