You just can’t keep me away from the place

Back to Hong Kong.

I went into CAAC in town and bought a ticket for Hong Kong. I’m off at the end of the month and back mid August. I need to get away from the Mainland for a bit.

Meanwhile, I’m on the overcrowded-as-usual No. 20, and eventually manage to make my way to the back of the bus. But as I’m squeezing my way down the aisle, I see this guy wearing a pair of trousers with ANUS on the pockets sewn to the trouser legs. If the opportunity had presented itself, I would’ve got out my dictionary and shown him exactly what the word meant, but the bus was too crowded for social niceties or English lessons.

I guess in China trousers can be a load of old arse.

42­° yesterday and 41° at the moment. Hong Kong could be a little cooler, but I suspect that I’ll return with tales of incessant rain.

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