Awaiting demolition

Green Bamboo replies.

An old building on Nantai Island, Fuzhou, 2006.My e-mail inbox has been bursting with a mail message from a Mr Ar­vidson of Ruritania wanting to know where all the modern build­ings are in Fuzhou. Well, they’re here, but not in this im­med­iate area, which still has some char­acter and much more in­teresting sights to photograph than the gen­eric build­ings which anonymise [That’s, like, a real word? –ed.] the cities of the workers’ socialist paradise.

‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello.

I’m heading to the Metro Supermarket yesterday when I come walking up to an impromptu vegetable market on the pavement. Just as I reach it, a van draws up sounding its horn and the vegetable sellers promptly shoulder their wares and scurry off at a gentle pace. I glance to my left and see that there are about six policemen in the van who then engage in a casual pursuit of the entrepreneurial miscreants. The latter seemed in no rush to escape; the former in no rush to catch them.

[07.08.14. In spite of the brevity of this entry, this remains one of the most memorable things I’ve ever seen in China because of its complete absurdity. The police could easily have caught and detained the vegetable sellers, but made no effort to do so. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was a regular piece of street theatre followed by the payment of a “trading fee” to Pc Plod.]


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