Of minor successes

A little consistency would be nice.

For about a year now I’ve been saying that I should buy a flash drive which I finally did last night. I went into Gome which is not far over Jiefang Bridge. When I eventually found what I was looking for, I ran into another instance of a product not being available in the shop. The section of Gome I wanted was actually at the entrance. I found some boxes for flash drives on display in a cabinet at the back, but got steered to another cabinet where there were all of about three. I was hoping to get a 1Gb flash drive, but they didn’t have those and had to settle for a 512Mb drive. Cost ¥257 (c. £20).

It’s tiny, too. Smaller than my thumb and potentially rather easy to lose or forget about and get washed. [07.08.14. I still have this flash drive, and it did get washed without any undue harm a couple of times. It was ridiculously overpriced, though. I got a 1Gb flash drive for HK$95, I think, and then a 4Gb one for about the same, although I don’t recall, and until I bought an 8Gb one just recently, I mainly used my original flash drive.]

This is not the first time I’ve been in an electronics shop where you couldn’t get the bigger version. When I bought my MP3 player from Da Zhong a couple of years ago, they had to order the model I wanted because they weren’t available in the shop.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed to get the washing machine working more or less as the Chinese intended, but I don’t know why the spin on it was working correctly some times and not others. I wasted a whole lot of water trying to work out whether there was a specific set of steps you had to go through to get the spin to work correctly. Unfortunately, there’s one dial that has a couple of settings, but, apart from the one that empties the machine of water, I have no idea what the other one might do.

I heard that my friend Andrea who’s been trying to get into Peking University for the past three years has finally succeeded in her quest. It’s been a long and somewhat painful journey for her, but she made it.

I’m told that the current spell of wet weather is meant to be a typhoon that hit Taiwan. We seem to have caught the rain but little to none of the wind. It looks clear to the east, but it’s murky to the north and especially the west. It’s brought the temperature down by 13° or 14°, but the humidity still gets you.

You should also see that I’ve added some more pictures from the local area. There are some interesting back streets around here, although I don’t think the photos do them justice.


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