Local history

They got here early.

I was doing a search online for the history of Fuzhou because the LP Guide is complete rubbish on this subject. I found this site which has this information:

Marco Polo is supposed to have passed through Fuzhou at the end of the 13th century. He described it as a great center of international commerce with special links to the Indian trade, prosperous, with great gardens and an abundance of fruit. He also noted the presence of a large Christian community there, with roots going back several hundred years. These were possibly descendants of Nestorian Christians, a Syrian sect that had come to China via the Silk Road.

That explains, in part, why there are so many churches here. After the Opium Wars of the 1840s, Fuzhou became one of the Chinese ports open to foreign trade and there was a lot of missionary activity from here.

I’ve also found out what the Rongcheng Gu Jie is all about. The róng (榕) is the banyan tree, so that the name of the street is Banyan City (i.e., Fuzhou) Ancient Street.

We also have to have an irony moment:

The climate of Fuzhou is comfortable…

It’s 39° here at 12.15pm. Yeah, I’d call that comfortable. I know I shouldn’t snigger, but, well…

The tourism industry of Fuzhou with its sustainable, fast and healthy development is being perfected day by day. In this coastal city, the reception establishments related to tourism are modern. At present, there are over 80 stared hotels

It’s not bad Chinglish. I wonder what a stared hotel is. I wonder if it’s like a stolen hole.

The sky is remarkably clear today with a clear view of the mountains to the north of the city.


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