Full circle

Seems there’s a third arm.

I now find that there’s a third arm. I had a mail message from Central Command this morning. I’m now being sent to Fuzhou some time later next week. My guess is that the school didn’t want me here over the summer (and I wouldn’t want to be here either); and the International School probably said, “Quid Hinieldus cum Christo?” (What a bunch of wits.) That only leaves the school in Fuzhou where I’d intended to be sent directly in the first place.

It suits me well enough since Changzhou is hardly the sort of place where I’d want to spend the summer either. And if I decide to go to Hong Kong, Fuzhou’s an 80 minute plane trip away.

But if I get asked to consider one of the new schools in the programme and accept, then I’m off again.

Anyway, it means that I won’t be leaving on Monday after all.


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