The Deliveing Room

Another story from the Chinglish Files.

We’ve been moved from our old classrooms to rooms over on the first floor on the south side of the school. As I was coming back from class this afternoon, I noticed that the sign on the door of a small room next to the stairs seemed to say Delivery Room, but when I had a closer look, it said Deliveing Room.

In Chinese it says 报刊分发室 (baokan fenfa shi). So, is it a room out of which they carry you feet first in a box? Er, no. It actually says Newspaper and Periodicals Distribution Room. The Chinese is nice and compact, but English can’t quite match it.

Meanwhile at the movies.

I was going through some DVDs earlier this evening and came across Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I couldn’t help but noticed that the Chinese title literally said “dream – ? – ? – happy star”, which, of course, got me curious. The Chinese is 梦城兔福星 (mengcheng tu fuxing), which appears to be “Dream City Rabbit Mascot”.

As for Tomorrow Never Dies, the title clearly lacks the villain’s megalo­maniac pretensions and becomes 明日帝国 (mingri diguo) – “Tomorrow Empire”.


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