The Da Vinci Code: Banned?

At least in cinemas.

I was over on ESWN (02.10.14. No guarantee the link works any longer) this morning where I see that The Da Vinci Code, after a reasonably suc­cess­ful run by Chinese standards, is being pulled from the cinemas. There seems to be no apparent reason for doing this, unless Nanny is trying to kiss and make out with Papa Ratzi in the Vatican. Another theory is that it’s been pulled in favour of home-grown content. I know it’s been on at the cinema in Changzhou, and it’s been out on DVD probably since the film was released here.

In related news…

The FCE-level writing exam has a Q.5 from which pupils have to choose a question about a set text. We don’t read set texts, but thanks to Mrs Tiggywinkle we got a special dispensation which we never got the chance to do anyway. In other words, the little dears should’ve left Q.5 alone, but a few did it anyway, including this on The Da Vinci Code which I now reproduce for you in glorious monochrome. This will be based on a Chinese translation of the book which, unlike the film, has been freely available in bookshops here for quite some time.

This is my favourite book written by Dan Brown. The book include art, history and anyother elements which the readers like, so it is very exciting.

I thnk the most interesting moment in the book is that Dr Robert talk about the famous picture: Davic’s «Monalisa».

As is known to all, «Monalisa» is so famous is because the smile of the woman in the picture is so scriety.

The opinion of Dr Robert is so strange and interesting.

He said in the book that «Monalisa» was famous because Davic said that this was his best picture and he also taked it with him wherever he went. And the woman’s smile was not scriety because she was not smiling. She was not a woman. Half of the people in «Monalisa» was a man and another was a woman!

Dr Robert said the Monalisa’s name come from Amona and Lisisy, It also seemed that Monalisa was not a woman.

Oh. these are so unbelieved and interesting!

This is a reference to Chapter 26. Of course, the word the candidate really wants is “hermaphrodite”, which is in the English original. It’s probably in the Chinese translation, but that won’t help on this occasion.


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