The cultural gap

When foreigners don’t understand.

I saw this on the IMDb just before:

Young Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi stunned her elders on the jury of this year’s Cannes Film Festival with her “bold” opinions, according to jury head Wong Kar-Wai. The Hong Kong film-maker headed the jury at the annual French festival, which included American Samuel L. Jackson, Italian Monica Bellucci and Brits Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Roth. Kar-Wai, who directed the 27-year-old beauty in 2046, says, “She’s very bold. Even though she’s very young, she’s made quite a few movies. She’s bold in expressing herself, so there isn’t an issue of being timid because she’s less experienced.”

Unfortunately, this will be Zhang Ziyi, the annoyingly shrieky, high-maintenance Chinese girl. Lots of them are like that. Foreigners probably think that Chinese girls are mostly meek creatures, but I’ve met quite a few here who are forthright and bossy. Her demeanour will’ve surprised the Westerners.

So, she’s just being herself. No news here. Move along.


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