Where did that spring from?

Build it and they will come.

James, Katie and I went into town at lunchtime to buy some DVDs. I came out of the shop opposite the park in the centre of town, looked right, and noticed that they seem to be building a mosque just up the street. Large one, too. I didn’t know Changzhou had much of a Muslim population. I’ve seen Uyghurs around town selling those sickly, sticky blocks of whatever they are, but I didn’t know there were that many Muslims overall. We do have some in the town where I live.

There is a Christian church in the centre of town as well. It was a surprise to see that when I first arrived in Changzhou. I assume that it gets used for the usual purposes.

Who needs reality TV?

On the way back home, we stopped in the MacDonald’s at the railway station for ice cream. While we’re eating our ice creams, some guy comes up to the window and stares at us.

What’s wrong with you people? Foreigners are so old hat.

[07.08.14. Of all the places I’ve been in China, Benniu and Changzhou were char­ac­ter­ised by the amount of slack-jawed staring from the locals. It happens oc­cas­ionally here in Wuxi, which is only about 40 or 50km away, but often around times of the year when there are bumpkins in town.]


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