Market day

Bumpkins’ big day out.

We had a big market day here today in which every slack-jawed yokel from the surrounding district must’ve come into town. There were market stalls set up along the side streets off the main road and they were absolutely packed. There were also various bouncy castles and stages on one of which there was a magic act.

I went into Chanzghou to do a little shopping, but the bus got stuck behind a multi-wheeled transporting taking some large piece of equipment to the large crane beside the Grand Canal. The result was that the traffic heading east spread itself right across the road as everyone jockeyed for position. Traffic heading west wasn’t so much reduced to one lane as the suggestion of a lane. Perhaps I’m missing something, but wouldn’t it have been a better idea to transport this particular piece of ironmongery at night when there was less traffic around?

Then as I’m walking from the station to the RT Mart, I get half the dust in Jiangsu Province blown into my face and the rest into my hair. When I got to Mian Ai Mian for lunch, I wiped my face with the complimentary napkins which were visibly grimy.

Headed home to find town still chaos. Had my last class of the day and then the power went off for about an hour or so. Probably too many bouncy castles had overloaded the power supply. It’d also started raining by then.

This place is totally pants.

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