That’s another fine mess

And we have to clean it up.

At the weekly team meeting on Tuesday we were informed that the school wanted us to teach the Senior 3 classes once the college entrance exam was over apparently because the parents had been complaining to the school about how their little dears had missed out on the classes they should’ve had.

What are the classes they should’ve had?

The ones that the Senior 3s didn’t want and the school decided, on very flimsy gounds, that they shouldn’t have because the results in their very first exam didn’t shown any improvement in their English. (A little blast from the past here.)

The extra classes will be happening at about the time our main classes ought to be preparing for and having our exams, but it sounds like the school wants us to abandon them for the Senior 3s. We’d then end up in a situation where the parents of the students in Senior 1 and 2 could complain to the school that their little darlings weren’t getting what they’d paid for.

One question I have is whether schools in the programme can unilaterally decide to drop classes as the school here seems to have. There was a certain amount of agitation from a few students, but the school made the decision. The decision seems to have been made on the basis of the schools utter obsession with the college entrance exam, and that might be how it was sold to the parents – if they were consulted at all.

Now the parents may be demanding the extra classes, but how that’s anything to do with the foreign teachers, I don’t know. We were along for the ride. The school’s messed up, so they should clean up.

Besides, this will be after the college entrance exam. The smart money says the Senior 3s will all have gone regardless. Even if the classes happen, it serves no purpose. We won’t be setting an exam for them at the end. In fact, it’ll be a babysitting job which will be an enormous waste of time when we could be dealing with our usual classes.

Well, that’s enough out of me for the time being. Some of us want to have tea.

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