Two more film reviews

Ride ’em, cowboy!

I watched Brokeback Mountain last night. It was a tragic romance with gay cowboys, but nothing exceptional. It was kind of the boy version of Oranges are not the only Fruit. (Cowboys are not the only Fruits? Fnarr! Fnarr!) It might’ve been edgier if it’d been set in the Golden Age of cowboys instead of conservative, 1960s middle America.

Whose Buzz the Witty and the Fair annoys.

The other film I watched last night was Capote, the story behind his book In Cold Blood. Philip Seymour Hoffman was irritatingly effete as he in­grat­iated himself with the men who had murdered the family in the farmhouse in Kansas.

Although Capote helps the men at first, his desire for the story to reach its end leads to him distancing himself from them. At the last minute, he visits them for the final time and witnesses the execution of Perry Smith.

Capote’s relationship with Smith was ambiguous. It was hard to say whether Capote fell in love with him, or was merely sucking up to him for the information he needed for his book.

If the Afterword was anything to go by, the work on In Cold Blood had a long-lasting effect on Capote. He may have wanted to distance himself from Smith and Dewey, but he perhaps couldn’t get past them.


2 thoughts on “Two more film reviews”

  1. I meant to ask you about the portable DVD player. I assume it has a screen like a laptop perhaps? What dimensions?
    You could think about being a film critic for a newspaper! With your acerbic turn of phrase your comments might go down well with The Press here. Morgan Jones was the film critic for the Timaru Herald for years and he didn’t pull any punches. But I imagine the remuneration would not be great. You have to be able to write lies and make them look like truth to command the respect (monetary rewards))  of newspaper bosses nowadays.

  2. The portable DVD player is about the same dimensions as a medium-sized book. It’d be about an inch and a half thick when it’s closed. It’s a bit like a mini laptop but without a keyboard. It has a battery pack which appears to have a reasonably decent lifespan.

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