Well, I would’ve had it done in six days, but…

Could you people be more stupid?

This article about the rise of creationism or intelligent design in British universities was in today’s Guardian. I doubt whether it’s quite as widespread as the article implies since the instances of creationism being championed among students seem to be limited to high-profile cases (Guy’s Hospital) and hearsay (“A growing number of science students on British campuses and in sixth form colleges are challenging the theory of evolution and arguing that Darwin was wrong.”).

I can only hope that this statement is ironic (my italics):

“The vast majority of my students now believe in creationism,” she said, “and these are thinking young people who are able and articulate and not at the dim end at all…”

What were they thinking?

I’ve already adduced my own argument against intelligent design and I’ve seen another. Intelligent design basically claims that someone (i.e., the God of the Christians) has to have had a hand in evolution. It didn’t just happen. But how did the theory come about?

I have a hypothesis that one day someone was thinking about how humans have genetically manipulated plants and animals for centuries. Once upon a time, wool was black, but sheep were bred to produce white wool. If humans have been mucking around with genetics to bring about change in other species, then why not say some Intelligent Designer has been doing it?

But if sheep with white wool are the product of intelligent design, and humans are the designers, then shouldn’t sheep worship us as gods? That is, humans are to sheep as some god is to human beings. Of course, this makes a nonsense of intelligent design because the supporters of the theory wouldn’t claim that humans are gods, even although we’re doing much the same thing as the Intelligent Designer is supposed to have done. I guess the counterargument would be that the Intelligent Designer is much more sophisticated and that we’re paddling in the shallow end of that pond. (And as our knowledge of such matters increases, do we gradually become more like gods?)

I’m sure that this argument is probably some sort of logical fallacy, but I can’t be bothered to track it down.

So sheep, get worshipping or you lot are such a bunch of lamb chops (with mint sauce).

Another argument against intelligent design is to ask if the design is so intelligently done, where did all those random genetic defects come from? What god would design such a fragile genetic code (resulting in birth defects)? And if the design was so intelligent, why would there be homosexuals when for sexual reproduction only heterosexuals are required to continue the species? Surely such an “aberration” wouldn’t have been allowed in the first place. From the point of view of the proponents of the theory, it’d appear something got badly screwed up the arse on that one.  

It’s not looking good for the Intelligent Designer when the word “intelligent” appears to be false advertising.


One thought on “Well, I would’ve had it done in six days, but…”

  1. Maybe it should be called ‘accidental design’. You can bet that white sheep evolved from an ‘abboration’ of a shep once being bron with a white patch. Man thusly said "that looks nice" and set about mating that sheep with others to try and reproduce more whiteness.
    All in all, it’s was probably some caveman thinking a white patch on a black rug would looks nice as a dress for the misses!! ‘Intelligent’ design somehow inplies some sort of deliberate intellectual reasoning behind things when I’d hazard a guess that most things are a result of acidents that have been capitolised on.

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