Repeat after me

Winter is the dry season.

I’ve got used to Chinese winters being incredibly dry. In Beijing, you might get some snow, but otherwise it’s rare to see any rain for several months at this time of year. here in Jiangsu Province, they haven’t got with the programme. I can’t remember the last time we saw the sun. I think the cloud might’ve thinned slightly on one day last week or perhaps the week before that. It’s been raining for the past couple of days or so and seems to have got worse today.

I hate wet winters. There were days in Beijing when I didn’t like the dry ones, but I hate wet winters even more. Cold is one thing, but cold and wet is unfair. Harumph!

Tales from Lamianland

Last night, I went to the lamian restaurant slightly later than I normally do. Mrs and Mrs Lamian were having another row. Not the first time they’ve been yelling at each other. Someone had been delivering rice, I think. Mrs Lamian started yelling at Mr Lamian. Last night, it was Mr Lamian’s turn. It was rather embarrassing because it was all being done in public, but I guess it’s pissing baby syndrome.

A lot of Chinese infants wear trousers with a slit in the nether regions so that when nature calls, their parents can pick them up and allow the rest of the populace to watch. Ugh.

I suspect that the rows are about money, which, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn, is a common event across China.


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