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The Internet? What’s that?

I watched Perfect Blue last night. Probably about the third time I’ve seen it, although on this occasion I paid a little more attention than I had previously.

What certainly never registered with me on previous occasions was the unintentionally funny scene where Rumi is showing Mima how to get on line and explaining stuff like URLs. Mima complains that she wishes Rumi would speak Japanese because she doesn’t understand any of it. Back in 97, the Internet was already old hat so it seems odd that it should be being treated as a novelty.

I still think it’s quite a good film, although I think some of it is a little clichéd. The obsessive fan is depicted as a total freak circus; the insane stalker is a fat girl. Both characters seem to be making assumptions about the sort of people who might be obsessive fans or stalkers.

Killing me softly with his song.

I watched Gloomy Sunday tonight. I saw it a few years ago when I was in New Zealand. I think it had the world record for the longest running film or something like that. It was shown as a small art-house cinema in Christchurch and, for all I know, may still be going strong.

At the time I thought it was all right, but couldn’t work out why it should’ve been so popular (and no, I’m not overlooking Erika Marozsán in the bath). This time I was beginning to suspect it was a kind of comedy. The news reel footage of the suicides triggered across Europe by the song Gloomy Sunday was actually kind of funny.

Once again, the film gets an all right out of me, but if I don’t see it again for another three or four years, I’m not going to miss it.


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