Spare some change?

There’s nothing else to do.

When the weather turned cold just recently, it seemed that there was an influx of beggars on the main street of Changzhou. I have a theory that some of them are possibly peasant farmers or agricultural labourers who, having nothing to till during the winter months, head into town for some spare change. They all seem to have the same uniform – the stout stick, enamel begging bowl, and blue Mao-suit shirt (if that makes sense).

When I was in town today, I was twice approached by boys trying to sell me hot cameras. These weren’t digital cameras, but somewhat shoddy-looking SLR film cameras that no one in their right mind would want anyway. It’d be an exceedingly dumb foreigner who’d buy one.


Archaeologists have found a 2,000 year old Mayan mural. It depicts the Mayans’ creation myth. The archaeologist who discovered it, William Saturno, found it back in 2001, but I guess it’s taken this long to announce because 2,000 years of grime had to be cleaned off it. And also it helps the sales of National Geographic.

In another archaeological discovery, humans appear to have reached Europe much earlier than previously thought. Stone tools found near Pakefield in Suffolk have been dated to around 700,000 years ago.

Darling, you were wonderful!

In spite of negative criticism of the latest series, Little Britain has won a couple of gongs at the British Comedy Awards.

Meanwhile, Chris Langham [who subsequently fell from grace for doing some teenage girl –ed.] was named Best Actor. While I was in the UK over the summer, I happened to hear the R4 programme in which he was reunited with the rest of the Not the Nine O’Clock News team. He was part of the cast for one series, but admitted that he was his own worst enemy at the time. He’s now in some comedy called The Thick of It which would appear to be Yes, Minister for the 21st century. Armando Ianucci is behind this one, so it should be decent enough.

Ashley Jensen, who plays the part of Maggie in Extras, got the Best Actress award. I saw a few episodes of the programme before I had to return to China. There’s a chance it’ll turn up here on DVD. [True, it did. –ed.]

Well, I’d better post this. The workers have been messing around in our building today and cut the power for a couple of seconds just before. No, I have no idea what they’ve been up to. Might be some more people moving into the flats upstairs.

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