What? December already?

Twelfth month of the year on schedule again.

I downloaded Firefox 1.5 today.

11.04.14. Now on v. 28.

I had my last class with the Senior 1s now that their new teacher is here.

I didn’t have to go back to the primary school.

11.04.14. Once a week some of my colleagues got sent to a local primary school (which was no doubt charged for the privilege) to try and teach English to children who were too young to understand.

I couldn’t be bothered going to Changzhou for lunch.

11.04.14. Still can’t be bothered, but I’m in Wuxi.

Ayatollah Dubya has set out an Iraq victory plan. So, George, was there no victory to begin with?

Pakistan are kind of walking all over England in the cricket at the moment.

Welsh scientists have been drilling tiny holes in things.

1st December 2005 has just been so exciting. Zzzzz.


2 thoughts on “What? December already?”

  1. Excuse me, Wal, what’s Firefox?Search me. Is it lke a Hendo? What’s a Hendo? It lays eggs!!Needle-nardle-noo.

  2. Sounds like a very forgettable day. Time for you to start using your writing skills to complete the novel that will earn you millions – well thousands.

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